Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hello from S

Hi, this is S. A little more about myself. I love to read, just like my momma. I love to travel. I've been to Australia and Brazil. I loved Australia and I want to go back to see more. I got to see from Sydney to Cairns. I'd love to see the Outback, the north, and around Perth. It's where I tried whitewater rafting, and repelling. I didn't mind Brazil but I won't be going back anytime soon. I don't speak the language and the culture was just a little too different for me. The places I want to go the most are Great Britain, Ireland, and Scotland. I've wanted to go for the longest time. I'm hoping to go at some point in the next year.
I'm a graduate of West Virginia University. I work in a auto parts store. My dream job would be to work for the national park system or the fish and wildlife service. Like my mom said, I am looking for that special someone and marriage. I'm a giver/people pleaser and it's lead to a fair amount of tears. My boyfriend and I just broke up today. But enough about my love life.
I started reading when I was 12 and I haven't stopped since. I started reading romance novels when I was 15. I don't remember what the book was about. But I do remember the first paranormal book. It was Dark Fire by Christine Feehan. She is still one of my favorite authors. I read paranormal, historical, and contemporary. In the non romance categories I read young adult scifi and fantasy. I also like to read non fiction. Well, I think that's enough about me. I'll be doing my first review very soon. I hope I haven't bored anyone. :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Possess Me by RG Alexander

I had heard so many good things about R.G. Alexander's Possess Me and the main charater Bone Daddy that I just had to take myself down to Border's and pick up the one and only copy they had.
Let me start by saying this was a different kind of book, it contains three novellas all related and it was absolutely delicious to read. Each novella can certainly stand alone they were so well penned but read together they are enriched by what has come before, building on the foundation of the previous story ; or like a flower growing until you have the most beautiful bloom. This is the first book in R.G.'s Bone Daddy series, Temp Me is the next book to come out in November of this year.
The stories are full of such wonderful characters that come alive and wrap around you to bring you into the story to live right along with them. I found the feelings, emotions and dialogue to be engaging and believable and the sex, woot! woot!
We meet Allegra, Michelle, Rousseau, Ben and Bone Daddy is the first story along with the mommas, they continue through the rest of the stories where I learned about Loa's and that all Voodoo is not about voodoo dolls and zombies and evil curses. Let me just say that after meeting Bone Daddy I would be trilled to meet up with him in a dark bedroom, well actually any bedroom. Ben and Rousseau can hold their own in the bedroom too and if you enjoy erotic tales well, this is definitely the book for you. I absolutely loved this book and had a hard time putting it down! You know how I hate to give to much of the story away but this book is full of Voodoo, mamma's who really do know best, people finding the way and love, love , love; it's so full of much more it has earned a spot on my keeper shelf, I'll just say I loved the last HEA.
R.G.'s erotic tales are just what this woman likes; in other words it's more than just sex, it's emotions, feelings and wonderful characters that you just can't help falling in love with. It has ghosts, good guys, bad guys and a kinda started out as a kinda bad guy that really is a good guy.
I have to say I don't feel like I have done Possess Me and Bone Daddy justice but R.G.'s next book is out Three Sinful Wishes, written in the same manner and I can't wait till I can add it to my library. If you want to know about R.G. you can find her at the Smutketeers Chat group and here at her website.
R.G. let just end by saying I love your stories ;-). They can definitely take me away from my everyday cares.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dragon Warrior by Janet Chapman

Let me start by saying Janet Chapman is one of my favorite authors of those time traveling Highlanders that I mentioned before that I love and I have been waiting to get my hands on Dragon Warrior.
Dragon Warrior is the second book in Janet's Moonlight Bay series which was a spin off series from her Highlanders(yep-more time traveling Highlanders). The first book was Moonlight Warrior and the third book Mystical Warrior releases in just 2 weeks, ooh I canna wait.
I LOVED this story, I had a hard time putting it down at night to go to bed. The characters are all so engaging and you canna help but fall in love and root for William our hero too woo his lady Maddy. Oh he has his flaws after all he was a ninth century Irish Nobleman and formerly a dragon who must now get up to speed in the 21st century instead of acting like a caveman using his club to drag his woman home.
Maddy Kimble our heroine is so easy to relate to as a woman who has started to lose herself in her busy and demanding life, we all know how we put others before ourselves at times. Maddy has spunk and fire though when push comes to shove and William is just the one to help her while unknowingly helping himself along the way. The nursing home added so much depth to this story and the interaction between William and the residents is so heartwarming. We meet some new faces like Mac, who is really Maximilian Oceanus from the lost continent of Atlantis,
and a wizard that likes to cause as many problems as he does helping with problems; I'm hoping he'll get his own story soon.
If you like the paranormal, shape-shifters, wizards or time traveling Highlanders you will love Dragon Warrior as it's got it all rolled into one wonderfully engaging romantic story.
I also have to make a comment about the cover, I love how they portrayed William similar to a scene from the book, esp. the watch on his wrist because he is so taken with the watch as a modern invention.
This was an exciting as well as heartwarming and pleasurable story to read and I'd give 5 stars.
If you're interested in Checking out Janet's other books here is how to get to her home page.
As a side note I'd like to say that you probably noticed that I called Janet Chapman- Janet instead of Ms Chapman as many others may have, my reasoning is that I feel that it makes the review more warm and personal. I have emailed Janet a time or two to let her know how much I've enjoyed her books and so I hope in the future I don't offend anyone by the use of first names. If I happen to review a book where I have never spoken to the author I may use the last name, we shall see. Also I've so many Scottish stories some of the wording has crossed over to my everyday speech, so sorry.

Getting to Know You, well I mean me.

So really most of you already know me, I am so psyched that some of my friends are following me and you could have pushed me over with a feather when I saw authors that I love and admire are amoung my first followers.
Ok so I am a 46 yr old mother of nine, trying to marry off the oldest girl, seriously; she wants to find the love of her life and get married, so any help on that will be appreciated. The oldest S is 26 and will hopefully be posting soon.
Next is L who is married to a Brazilian and has given me 3 grandkids and they live here with us at home, she helped to set up the blog and will post too.
Then we have my devil child #3 Miss C who is married and in Texas and has just given me a fouth grandchild. She'll be posting too in between nursing sessions hopefully.
Then we have the younger 6 as I call them and they keep me busy driving and yes the never ending laundry pile.
Let's see I've been a Navy wife since 1984 so that's 27 years, we lived all over but this last move is the longest I ever lived anywhere in my whole life, we moved alot as a kid. Let's see I've lived in Oregon, California(both northern and southern) several times, Florida, Idaho, Virginia several times, West Virginia several times, Conneticut and Rhode Island. I was raised in Norhtern California, the better half of the state, my favorite place I think was South Lake Tahoe. I been across this country many times and love to travel and sightsee and buy souveniers like sheriff badges and keychains and spoons.
I love to READ, Read, Read, I can totally tune out the world when I'm in a good book and I've been known to answer people with "I love you too." when I'm in my reading zone. I enjoy my chat groups too, Heatwave, Wicked Writers, WriteMinded, TotalExposure, RobynCarr's Jack's Bar, Smutketeers, SamheinCafe, and some others.
I also enjoy baking and cooking and dabble in gardening sometimes, I enjoy making baby blankets so it's a good thing I have grandkids.
Well I guess that's it for now oh wait I almost forgot my hubby Denny, he is a GEO bachelor meaning he's been stationed away from home for 4 years and we still have 1 1/2 years before he retires or hopefully will get picked up for senior chief since he will have another chance. He is the native West Virginian and can do just about anything he sets his mind to, except work I need him to do or his resume so he's ready if he does have to retire and find a 9 to 5 job. But he is a good man over all and if you needed help he'd throw his tools in his truck and drive half way across the country to help a friend.
There, the end.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Wow, I did it!

Well, here I am, me and my three girls; S, L and C. They're going to help me with the blog and also post reviews. Of, course we may blog about other stuff too, but we'll try not to go too crazy. This is definitely a learning experience for me and so I'll tell you now I misspell a bit.
I love books all kinds, from Regency and Medieval to Contemporary, Time Travel and Erotic.
Especially time traveling ones, but I also love shape shifters and paranormal stories as well.
I hope to get some followers, we'll see, there are many great blogs out there.
I'm thinking of doing a contest, what do you think???? I think I might even work up to interviews if any of my favorite authors will pop in.