Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dragon Warrior by Janet Chapman

Let me start by saying Janet Chapman is one of my favorite authors of those time traveling Highlanders that I mentioned before that I love and I have been waiting to get my hands on Dragon Warrior.
Dragon Warrior is the second book in Janet's Moonlight Bay series which was a spin off series from her Highlanders(yep-more time traveling Highlanders). The first book was Moonlight Warrior and the third book Mystical Warrior releases in just 2 weeks, ooh I canna wait.
I LOVED this story, I had a hard time putting it down at night to go to bed. The characters are all so engaging and you canna help but fall in love and root for William our hero too woo his lady Maddy. Oh he has his flaws after all he was a ninth century Irish Nobleman and formerly a dragon who must now get up to speed in the 21st century instead of acting like a caveman using his club to drag his woman home.
Maddy Kimble our heroine is so easy to relate to as a woman who has started to lose herself in her busy and demanding life, we all know how we put others before ourselves at times. Maddy has spunk and fire though when push comes to shove and William is just the one to help her while unknowingly helping himself along the way. The nursing home added so much depth to this story and the interaction between William and the residents is so heartwarming. We meet some new faces like Mac, who is really Maximilian Oceanus from the lost continent of Atlantis,
and a wizard that likes to cause as many problems as he does helping with problems; I'm hoping he'll get his own story soon.
If you like the paranormal, shape-shifters, wizards or time traveling Highlanders you will love Dragon Warrior as it's got it all rolled into one wonderfully engaging romantic story.
I also have to make a comment about the cover, I love how they portrayed William similar to a scene from the book, esp. the watch on his wrist because he is so taken with the watch as a modern invention.
This was an exciting as well as heartwarming and pleasurable story to read and I'd give 5 stars.
If you're interested in Checking out Janet's other books here is how to get to her home page.
As a side note I'd like to say that you probably noticed that I called Janet Chapman- Janet instead of Ms Chapman as many others may have, my reasoning is that I feel that it makes the review more warm and personal. I have emailed Janet a time or two to let her know how much I've enjoyed her books and so I hope in the future I don't offend anyone by the use of first names. If I happen to review a book where I have never spoken to the author I may use the last name, we shall see. Also I've so many Scottish stories some of the wording has crossed over to my everyday speech, so sorry.

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