Saturday, June 25, 2011

Possess Me by RG Alexander

I had heard so many good things about R.G. Alexander's Possess Me and the main charater Bone Daddy that I just had to take myself down to Border's and pick up the one and only copy they had.
Let me start by saying this was a different kind of book, it contains three novellas all related and it was absolutely delicious to read. Each novella can certainly stand alone they were so well penned but read together they are enriched by what has come before, building on the foundation of the previous story ; or like a flower growing until you have the most beautiful bloom. This is the first book in R.G.'s Bone Daddy series, Temp Me is the next book to come out in November of this year.
The stories are full of such wonderful characters that come alive and wrap around you to bring you into the story to live right along with them. I found the feelings, emotions and dialogue to be engaging and believable and the sex, woot! woot!
We meet Allegra, Michelle, Rousseau, Ben and Bone Daddy is the first story along with the mommas, they continue through the rest of the stories where I learned about Loa's and that all Voodoo is not about voodoo dolls and zombies and evil curses. Let me just say that after meeting Bone Daddy I would be trilled to meet up with him in a dark bedroom, well actually any bedroom. Ben and Rousseau can hold their own in the bedroom too and if you enjoy erotic tales well, this is definitely the book for you. I absolutely loved this book and had a hard time putting it down! You know how I hate to give to much of the story away but this book is full of Voodoo, mamma's who really do know best, people finding the way and love, love , love; it's so full of much more it has earned a spot on my keeper shelf, I'll just say I loved the last HEA.
R.G.'s erotic tales are just what this woman likes; in other words it's more than just sex, it's emotions, feelings and wonderful characters that you just can't help falling in love with. It has ghosts, good guys, bad guys and a kinda started out as a kinda bad guy that really is a good guy.
I have to say I don't feel like I have done Possess Me and Bone Daddy justice but R.G.'s next book is out Three Sinful Wishes, written in the same manner and I can't wait till I can add it to my library. If you want to know about R.G. you can find her at the Smutketeers Chat group and here at her website.
R.G. let just end by saying I love your stories ;-). They can definitely take me away from my everyday cares.

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